Bluewater Service is a private business specializing in leasing and maintenance of commercial aquarium systems for placement in professional offices, medical facilities, and elder care facilities.

Founded in 1990 by Joseph and Linda Hollars, Bluewater has grown to be the largest and oldest aquarium service in west Tennessee.  Our company has aquarium systems in over fifty nursing and retirement facilities spanning all of west Tennessee, including locations in the Memphis metro area, Bolivar, Jackson, Camden, Dyer, Paris, Martin, Waverly and elsewhere.

Our aquarium stands are custom built to order by us in our wood shop.  Made of the highest quality Oak or Maple, the stand is built to be a fine quality piece of furniture for your facility that will last many years.  We even stain the stand to match your existing décor.

The aquarium is completely automatic.  All system operations are self-contained.  Even the feeding is automatically done twice daily by an electronic automatic feeder that was custom designed and built by us.  All maintenance is carried out by a Bluewater representative to exacting standards keeping the aquarium clean and bright.  Our customers have no maintenance responsibility at all.

Bluewater is committed to customer service.  We do not require contracts, and our pricing policy is always without surprises.  Our success is a reflection of our straightforward, honest, Christian business practices and our commitment to our customers.  We invoice on the calendar month, and you will never see any extra charges for supplies or extra service calls.  This allows for budgeting without having to make adjustments.

We offer three sizes in our aquariums:

75 Gallon system- $200/month.  4 feet wide, sits 22 inches from the wall

125 gallon system- $250/month. 6 feet wide, sits 22 inches from the wall.

150 gallon system- $300/month.  6 feet wide, sits 22 inches from the wall, taller than 125.

All of our systems are complete at time of setup.  It is fully stocked with a variety of colorful active fish, attracting individuals to gather around and enjoy.  It stimulates and relaxes, entertains and mesmerizes, charms and captivates.

If you are interested or for more information, please call Tim Hollars at 731-225-8079